Toys + Baby

If you'd like to go beyond the basic teddy bear we've got some very sweet and quirky plush toys that will allow baby to use his or her imagination during play and can be a beloved childhood toy for years to come.

Bittie The Rabbit 30cmH $22.00
Bertie Bear 25cmH $22.00
Lambert Lamb 25cm $25.90
Stanley Spike Dinosaur (Knitted Toy) 40cmL $45
Nap Time Bunny 50cm $39
Flamingo Toy 48cm $45
Leo The Lion Toy 35cm $42.90
Charlie Koala 30cmH x 30cmW $39.90
Frederick Fox 30cm $32
Bowie Zebra 30cm $35
Bat Boy 39cm $39
Walter Whale 40cm $48
Mabel the Fox $35.90
Matao the Spider Monkey 45cm $36
Lion Comforter $29.50
Nap Time Bunny Comforter 27cm $29.50
Mable The Fox Comforter 27cm $25.50



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